Corryptx.pngMaster game craftsman Michael Brough (Glitch Tank, O, Zaga-33, Vesper.5) has provided Windows and Mac users a free, devious and atmospheric exploratory puzzler... thing called Corrypt. Brough developed it for a holiday indie promotion called The Advent of Indies, which features a new game and new winnable game every day.

Corrypt begins with several maps to explore. Players advance by moving boxes, not traditional Sokoban style, but more magnetically. It's wonderfully uncomfortable in how I have to think to solve each stage-puzzle. Inhabitants have tasks that prompt more exploration, and slowly the game adds more puzzle mechanics that defy simple descriptions. However, if you want to further your mind muscles, Corrypt has proven to be quite the exercise!

Beyond the first puzzles, I'm told, lie even more mentally corrypt-ing challenges. So far, I've managed to gather eight mushrooms to exchange with a handsome pixelated blue creature for a red key. Now, a pretty in pink mother-creature wants me to find her daughter, so off I go! I'm a bit stuck and have a feeling that Brough's genius has one-up'ed me again, but what the heck!

[Source: Mighty Vision]