Exchanging Thomas Was Alone's theatrical dialogue for evocative, ocular expressions, Ryan Touk's free Nugget oozes with atmosphere and solid multi-layered platforming for Windows and Mac users. More apt, Touk describes Nugget as "a tragic love story about intolerance and genetic experimentation as portrayed by squares with eyes."

Instead of jumping between foreground and background on designated platforms as in Mutant Mudds, players can jump in and out of the different layers at any time, provided there is something to land on. Quick fingers will help the square move in and out of two planes even mid-jump. While stage maps feel quite large in Nugget, my only wish is that a single screen displayed a little more of the area for planning.

That aside, after playing the free, full campaign, I can't imagine anyone who won't think Touk deserves $3 for his efforts. To sweeten the deal, he's offering in the paid version a level editor called NuggED, the game data in its original XML format, and a firm handshake in real life. I hope you attend GDC in March, sir!