Niall Moody (Rainbow Space Donkey Escape) has released free downloadable Windows, Linux, and OSX versions of Screaming Snakeball, a local multiplayer sports title that allows players to power themselves up by screaming into a microphone.

Developed as part of the TIGSource Sports competition, Screaming Snakeball puts Snake's mechanics in the context of a one-on-one soccer match. The "Screaming Snakeball" mode equips each player with their own microphone; audio input allows players to move faster and break through their opponent's tail. Moody recommends playing the game in a group setting, so as each player gets their own cheering section.

Also included is the one-microphone "Shouting Snakeball" variant, which causes the ball to move faster and break through both players' tails when audio input is detected. If you'd prefer a quieter experience, "Whispering Snakeball" (seen above) is a more traditional offering in which microphones are not used.

Screaming Snakeball's devlog is available here.