happy friends.pngUnder the Garden and Under the Ocean developer Farmergnome (Paul Greasley) sure makes pretty games, no matter the size. He just released substantially updated, free builds for his recent Ludum Dare game for Windows, Happy Little Murder Friends, and another side project called Fistful of Gun.

In Happy Little Murder Friends for Windows, single players choose between 5 serial killers, each with his or her own perks, weapons, and "fetishes" that boost various stats. The goal is to kill a certain number of highlighted victims in each town. Violence against non-targets will alert police. The pixelated action gets rather frantic, and the thumping music by HyperDucks SoundWorks only adds to the rush.

Photo Fistful of Gun are after the jump:

fistful of gun.pngFistful of Gun is a top-down, 3-player western shooter with rather nostalgic arcade-style tunes from Surasshu. Each player has a different control scheme and shoot/reload mechanics. The keyboard is for the shotgun wielder, the joypad is for the pistol packer, and the mouse is for the rifle character.

The game has a grayed out online mode, which is set to debut later on with a story mode. The game's current alpha shows off the quick stages and all-or-nothing gun-firing. By that, I mean it's one-hit death for everyone. Landing the shot can be tricky, when the opposition hides behind the multi-layered background. Learning how to do the same will help lead to victory.

Greasley's in-progress games show a bit of promise and offer equal bits of variety, even though they are both top-down action games. For even more unreleased games, sign up on FarmerGnome's official website.

[Thanks for the DM, @Farmergnome!]