Developer Phil Hassey has begun a Kickstarter project for Galcon 2 this weekend, explaining some of the overhaul the series will receive including a switch from pay-once to free-to-play pricing.

After releasing the "swarmy RTS" Galcon for iPhone and Android then Galcon Fusion for iPad desktops, Hassey has thought about several ways to improve the experience. Chief among those are making auto-matching much quicker and adding clan support, a new ranking system, and an in-game store.

The last addition is what will make the game free-to-play and will allow players to buy "cosmetic upgrades and other game features." Hassey says in the project page that he will work "hard with the community to ensure that play balance isn't upset by these upgrades."

He is choosing the free-to-play model in the hopes that it will greatly increase the amount of players online at once. He also hopes the in-app purchases will support on-going development and allow for updates more often.

Galcon 2 will release for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu Linux computers first and then be ported to iOS and high-end Android devices. Players can get in on the ground floor of a Galcon 2 beta next month by pledging only $10. The Kickstarter project has passed 25% of its $23,099 goal in the first two days.