i get this call every day.pngDavid Gallant's point-n-click conversation game I Get This Call Every Day is a downright depressing and rather accurate simulation of horrible call center jobs. I am glad I played it, as it reminded me of my horrible jobs I earned with my university degree a decade ago and makes me cherish my current jobs even more.

Gallant describes the game as "a personal tale of unwinnable realities: it depicts a conversation between a call center agent and an average person in what is literally a type of call I receive regularly throughout my day job." In over 250 lines of voiced dialogue, players make choices that either "allow them to lose in the slightly soul-killing way [Gallant] does every day, or in a far more spectacular fashion."

I Get This Call Every Day is available for Windows as a pay-what-you-want-but-at-least-$2-please. It's a rather brief game but with multiple endings. Think of it as a way to help Gallant quit his "soul-killing" day job.