Since Ninja Sonic is not a thing, ADON Project on PC will easily be the next best thing. Developer Alessandro Salvati tells IndieGames this is the last video before a mid-2013 release for the 2D action platformer.

For the uninitiated, A.D.O.N. is a robotic ninja who must fix a multi-dimensional anomaly. The gameplay features a level up system, a tech tree for A.D.O.N., and special abilities such as wall jump, wall run, and teleport.

"Maybe I spent a little too much time on details this time, most of them can only be noticed by standing still, but that's the way I wanted the game to be," the developer said on YouTube page.

That's the way his game should be, too, I think.

Salvati says tells IndieGames that he's considering submitting to Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter, but "to my eyes it's still a little game I made." Greenlight has become a haven for little games, and I can see this one getting voted up rather quickly.

What do you think? For more convincing, check out these other ADON Project levels.