involuntary runner.pngBennett Foddy's masterpiece QWOP was merely training for your limbs. DePaul University students are more concerned about managing the vital organs inside you in Involuntary Runner.

You must manage your heart rate, your stomach, your lungs, and intestines while you go about your autorunning way ala Canabalt. You don't move the player's limbs directly, though. Speeding up your heart accelerates your character's momentum to jump, along with steadily breathing. You will run into food-obstacles that initially weigh you down and have to be disposed of, one way or the another. Yep, Flatulence gives you an extra jump boost, but I haven't needed it, yet. .

Of course, failing to breathe or to keep your heart rate at a good pace (too slow or too fast) results in cardiac or respiratory arrest, leading to Game Over. See how long you can survive in the browser-friendly Involuntary Runner, or spoil some of the fun with the gameplay video after the jump.

Don't let the trailer's music turn you off, if that's not your style. The game has several songs to choose from. I also love the different controller layout choices and their names, suggesting Involuntary Runner can be played with one or more people in a variety of ways.

Great game, Eric Spevacek, Graham Gilreath, Ricky Roberson, Sean Cannata, and Sean Hones!