time bomb.pngKenta Cho's browser freebies Timebomb and Undermine maximize gameplay ideas while minimizing the fuss over aesthetics. Upon playing the excellent Tank Fires Block this weekend, I found I missed a couple other greats from Kenta Cho and decided to share them here.

The above image is from Timebomb, which is about creating a massive chain reaction of explosions while avoiding harm. Bombs countdown around the screen but stop when they impact the force field. As more bombs weigh on it, it shrinks. The constantly shrinking shield makes running away from deadly bombs and their explosions a delicate effort via mouse control. However, the longer the explosion reaction, the higher players' scores will be.

Up next, Undermine is the most curious of shooters, in that players score points from what they don't shoot.

undermine.pngPlayers move their circle ship with WASD and aim and shoot blocks with the mouse to clear a path. As blocks scroll beyond the left side of the screen, players net their face values.

Since players only score by the blocks that are left, the tactic becomes to avoid shooting the higher valued blocks. The clever, advanced tactic revolves around increasing those values. By creating huge vertical gaps for blocks to fall, their point values increase in proportion to the distance (and possibly speed) they travel.

They may both look like prototypes, but Timebomb and Undermine present solid ideas well worth playing.