A Metroid and Mr. Driller mashup, Whole Hog Games' Full Bore for Windows is an exploration puzzle game that tells the "trials of growing up as an impoverished digging boar."

The more the boar explores, the more he is rewarded with abilities to further his exploration. There are several painful-looking save points the player can respawn at when stuck, too, so backtracking isn't too taxing.

The game also features an intriguing glitch/blues soundtrack by Miguel Acuña and The Adjective Plural Noun. I can't quite describe what this neat pairing sounds like, but the developers said it's been "instrumental in setting the mood of Full Bore and inspiring us to make a game worthy of the soundtrack."

In an interview with Joystiq, Whole Hog said the "The coolest part of Full Bore is the seamless blending of world and puzzle. Rather than incorporate block puzzles into the world, the whole world is made of puzzle blocks. This unification means that passages and treasure can be hidden almost anywhere, and it takes a keen eye and a solid understanding of the game mechanics to uncover everything there is to find."

Those who enjoy the demo or just want to purchase the game at a 30% discount can pledge $7 to the Kickstarter and receive a full-game download around March 2013, when it is complete.