Days of Dawn will be a seemingly traditional old-school RPG with impressive production values, some lovely HD graphics and a full-blown, hour-long, orchestral quality soundtrack. The game, set on a vibrant world where magic has just awoken, will allow for up to four companions to explore its colourful vistas, encounter strange characters, research unavoidably mysterious mysteries and get bloodied in turn-based battles. What's most intriguing though is the fact that the game's magic system will be emotion-based; most promisingly said emotions, all seven of them, will be much more than magic components as they will indeed influence every character in the game in a variety of ways and range from courage and fear to compassion and love.

Problem is that ambitious projects like this one do actually need quite a bit of money and that's where Kickstarter enters the equation, as Days of Dawn definitely needs your support. Keep in mind that it also offers some pretty excellent backer perks.

Days of Dawn will be released in 2013 for Windows, Mac and Linux.