Austin-based artist Josh Lesnick (Girly, You Suck) and the Princess Panic team recently reached their funding goal for Dungeon Panic!, an Android and iOS roguelike that focuses on building relationships with your fellow adventurers.

Dungeon Panic! is a turn-based roguelike in which many elements -- from levels layouts to the NPCs residing in the game's world -- are procedurally generated. The town sequences, inspired by Animal Crossing and the Harvest Moon games, allow players to forge alliances and become better acquainted with potential teammates. You're also given a house, which you can furnish with treasure looted during your dungeon trips.

Dungeon Panic! has surpassed its initial funding goal of $4,000, and has reached its first two stretch goals for Ouya and iOS ports. Campaign organizers also note that a PC port is possible, pending backer support.

The Premium version of Dungeon Panic! (which has no advertising and will feature "significantly less (if any) In-App purchasing") will be given to backers who pledge $4 or more. Higher reward tiers offer exclusive in-game items, sticker packs, and digital art books, among other incentives.