villain simulator.jpgI feel the industry does not celebrate villains as much as it should. Mainstream media does a good job of giving too much press time to villains in the real world, but I'd rather spend my time with Ludum Dare's recent ode to villains. First up is The Cze's Villain Simulator 2000, a collection of mini-games where the "villains" of iconic movies get their revenge. NSFW warning: the Clockwork Orange is big on gonads.

@David_erosa suggested Klakwa's Twisted Neighborhood, available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and browsers. Players get to experience briefly the thrill of being a tornado. The chaos visually kicked in for me on the second level of the storm, as I began to rip up the sidewalk like reverse-dominoes.

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mr wily.png@crashbandito recommended the equally satisfying The Fall of Mr. Wily by StoneMonkeyStudios, playable via Windows, Mac and browsers. Life keeps pushing Mr. Wily around (possibly a bit too long) until he snaps and falls. This played like the beginning of a roller coaster: built up anxiety to the point of wanting to quit, followed by hi-speed sensations that end before hitting any lulls.

tiny sorceress.jpg
Free Indie Games found two great games, too. Leon Arnott's Windows and browser game Tiny Sorceress stars the resilient Damnatia Malefacula, who never ceases to find clever ways to torture someone. Who that someone ends up being should leave a smile on anyone's face.

small theft auto.pngFinally, Nicolas Cannasse, developer of the Zelda and Diablo mashup Evoland, has created another tribute to a popular franchise in Small Theft Auto. You'll want to play this one on mute, as the music loops a bit too quickly. However, those who enjoy GTA's style of thievery, murder, and other humanity-erasing activities will be right at home.