marvins mittens.jpgMarvin's lost his mitten, and there's gonna be hell to pay... is not the vibe I got from Canadian developer Breakfall's exploration platformer Marvin's Mittens. Instead, those not sick of the snow will love Marvin's winter visuals while exploring deeper in the forest for tools that help him uncover the mystery behind his missing mitten. He'll collect snowflakes in every stage and sneak up on animals to sketch them in his little book, too.

While replaying areas with new tools sounds a bit metroidvania, Marvin's Mittens is also a little bit Zelda: Majora's Mask, in that players only have one simulated day before being called home by their mother. Fortunately, players can dig shortcuts that make traversal quick for the following mornings, when coupled with a later-found sled.

Marvin's Mittens is fun, festive, and filled with luscious hand-drawn art. It looks great in motion, too, as shown in this trailer:

Marvin's Mittens is available now for Windows with a free demo, and the full version costs $4.99 on Desura.