villain goat.pngThe "You Are the Villain" themed Ludum Dare 25 has just finished formally collecting games for its 48-hour competition, with over 950 entries submitted. All games are available for free to play, and some even highlight the bonus "goat" theme.

Those who participated and registered on the site can now vote for the competition winners. Upon a cursory glance, developers have delivered clever games once again with strong social commentary and popular gaming references.

In the aptly named social commentary, Eversion developer Zaratustra created a gun shop management game that seems to speak to the recent tragic mass-shooting in Connecticut.

Luke Pellen's shooting rampage game SNAP takes a much darker approach. Innocent people are worth more points than police, and players can earn a Suicide Bonus, if they don't bleed out beforehand.

For those who feel these may be broaching the topic too soon, other developers have delivered in the light-hearted area of cameos and parodies. For one, Jussi Simpanen's Mad Princess stars a slightly off Princess Peach look-a-like who has become a master of tower defense.

I never thought of Tetris as villainous, but I suppose those carefully calculated pieces can piss quite a few people off. In Birchmountain's two-player game Villaintris, one player plays the villain by controlling which Tetris piece will break his opponent. LeCherLich's Tetris God is a one-player version, where you try to make the CPU lose.

HackThePanda's Children: Reverse Slender shows the shock-horror star's softer side. All he wants to do with those crazy long arms is hug some minors. Harmless, truly! And just like Steam Greenlight, the competition has a handful more of Slender games.

The IndieGames editors will once again step up and sift out the diamonds of Ludum Dare's 48-hour competition and 72-hour jam throughout December. However, if you find a game you particularly like or made a game you are really proud of, feel free to share it below. To all those who participated or are still participating in the 72-hour jam, celebrate with some silver for Ludum Dare's 25th gathering!

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