spacechem nano.pngThe end of the second RGCD C64 Cartridge Development Competition has brought 10 new games and 3 re-releases for the C64, all free for players to enjoy. Developers had 6 months to shrink their ideas down to 16KB.

SpaceChem Nano developer imposed even more restrictions on itself. RGCD says it's "probably the first and only game in about 28 years which is made for the Commodore Ultimax (a machine with only 4KB RAM, no Kernal, no Basic, no Font and no serial I/O)."

super bread box.pngPaul Koller delivered the essence of Super Crate Box in 16KB, too, entitled Super Bread Box. Other titles worth checking out include NES Zelda-styled adventure Wonderland, Pushcat- and Portal-inspired Match-Buster, and Giana Sisters clone Little Sara Sister 2.

All 13 games (less than 1MB total) are available here. Competition organizers recommend the VICE emulator to play these titles.