In a bold, 11th hour move, the developers behind the local multiplayer Kickstarter project SPORTSFRIENDS have added five unreleased games from indies such as Nifflas and Erik Svedäng. Now for a $60 pledge, supporters will get a total of 12 games.

This tier now includes a keyboard version of IGF-nominated iPad game Shot Shot Shoot, by Blueberry Garden creator Erik Svedäng, a PC version of IndieCade-nominated motion control game Recurse, a new Kompendium-styled game by Vertex Dispenser and Zaga-33 creator Michael Brough, a new prototype by Knytt and NightSky creator Nifflas, and a new game prototype by Dom2D. This tier already includes three unreleased games by Bennett Foddy, Noah Sasso, and Ramiro Corbetta, including a new gamepad version of QWOP.

On top of these eight unreleased games, $60 pledges will net the PC (Windows/Mac/Linux) or PlayStation 3 compatible SPORTSFRIENDS, which is a collection of four local multiplayer games: Johann Sebastian Joust, BaraBariBall, Super Pole Riders, and Hokra. These titles have been making headlines for public game events for quite some time, and the developers have been using this Kickstarter to gauge the public's interest in having local multiplayer games brought home.

The campaign has less than a day to raise its final 10% ($15,000). SPORTSFRIENDS marks the first Kickstarter project that a major publisher (Sony) has officially supported, already committing the collection to a PSN release.

[Thanks, Michael Brough]