Edmund McMillen has released the title track from Team Meat's upcoming game Mew-Genics, revealing that its soundtrack will be composed by Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum's Matthias Bossi and Tori Amos bassist Jon Evans.

"So we really splurged with the soundtrack for Mew-genics," McMillen notes. "The game will feature a full album of over 20 studio recorded songs, with more than half of them with lyrics! We really wanted to make the game's music feature extended themes of the game or small stories within each song, kind of how Katamari did it in a way, except all our songs are about cats!"

Team Meat has released a steady trickle of new details regarding its Super Meat Boy follow-up over the last several weeks. Recent updates have revealed a quirky cast, along with the (potentially terrifying) fact that the final product will feature over 12,207,031,250,000,000,000,000 cats.