crosscode.pngRadical Fish Games' tech demo feels like an action-RPG mixed with Windjammers (lots of disc throwing). While light on RPG elements presently, the action and puzzle elements in its upcoming HTML5 game CrossCode feel great so far.

Players can charge up their disc to stun enemies and ricochet it off elements to hit those hard-to-reach switches or targets. Jumping is automated, which is good, because one hand will always be busy aiming or dodging with the mouse, while the other uses WASD to move the character around.

The developers tout that it's "probably the first HTML5 game which has (simplified) 3D collision combined with canvas 2D graphics." and they promise an adventure over 10 hours long. The demo played smoothly in my Chrome browser, and I look forward to the full game so I can see more of those great pixels in action.

After the credits roll, be sure to stick around for the 26-robot survival fight. If you beat this part of the CrossCode demo, let me know what happens!

[Source: TIGS forums]