Pixeljam couldn't just release Potatoman Seeks The Troof (PC, Mac, Linux), its new, challenging and apparently potatosophical platformer, and be content. Not in our year of the bundle, it couldn't. Not even after that decidedly odd launch trailer. No, it had to bundle the insane little arcade adventure up with some pretty excellent Pixeljam goodies and thus the Pixeljam Octology was born.

Said Octology sports eight lovely digital goodies including the aforementioned Potatoman, creative toy Bitku (beta), indie classic Dino Run SE, its dino-featuring sibling Marathon of Doom, pinball adventure Snowball and a ton of music. Interestingly you can also just buy Potatoman, the Pixeljam Trilogy or even go all out and grab the Holiday Bonus bundle that comes complete with the Dino Run text-adventure and arena shmup Beelzebuds' alpha.

Everything is handily available for Windows, Mac and Linux.