perspective TS.pngXOP developer ToastSoft (Christopher Emirzian) has just released his Power Bundle, featuring two action puzzle games for $2.50 for Windows and Mac. The games also have lengthy, free demos to sample what ToastSoft is offering.

Perspective is a "3D-to-2D perspective switch action puzzle game" that may seem a bit like Fez at first. However, players can't freely rotate. There are fixed 90- and 180-degree markers scattered across each puzzle for the player to decide in what order and direction to use them while activating orbs to escape.

While Perspective controls where to use crucial abilities, Mastery controls how much. This top-down puzzle game requires players to use abilities such as teleportation, traps, bombs, and portals to avoid or destroy enemies while collecting orbs to escape.

Perspective and Mastery gameplay footage is after the jump:

Remember, both games have free demos, too.

[source: TIGS forums]