Today I Die and I wish I were the Moon developer Daniel Benmergui is still working hard on his IGF 2012 Nuovo award winner Storyteller. He recently published a dedicated website for Storyteller and announced a late 2013 release for Windows, Mac, and iOS.

The gameplay, as depicted in this new video, revolves around creating comic strips with people, props, and word bubbles to fit certain stories. The game has come a long way since my January preview, too, with new "classic soap opera complications like amnesia, dark secrets and returns from death [being] part of your toolbox."

I particularly enjoy the logic Storyteller employs and the way that narrative becomes so integral to the game in a novel way. Each character has certain traits that will logically affect the progression of the comic strips. While the end of each story is already predetermined, how the elements create that ending is up to you.

Offering a new way to use my brain to play, Benmergui's Storyteller makes 2013 look even better.

[source: @danielben]