Unity of Command Red Turn.pngIf you haven't tried out Unity of Command yet, you are really missing out on what can only be described as the best, proper, indie strategy game ever. No, I am absolutely serious. Serious like a particularly serious thing. Unity of Command is a deep, smart and tactically demanding simulation of WW2 battles, that manages to present itself with an elegant and simple to grasp interface and cute graphics without sacrificing anything of the underlying complexity. It's a game I have tried out on (!) both seasoned strategy gamers and my breed of more casual fans with huge success.

Anyway. Enough with the ranting. On to the news bit, the news bit being that Unity of Command has happily expanded itself with a hefty and excellent looking piece of DLC: Red Turn. It sports a gigantic new campaign following the Red Army from the victory in Stalingrad to Kursk to the capture of Berlin, and thus covering the bloodiest and most important bits of WW2. The DLC is out now and also features two new Axis scenarios, 4 PVP scenarios, 39 types of units, more options for modders and, well, more.