Speed Demos Archive's annual charity speedrunning marathon Awesome Games Done Quick is currently underway, and has thus far showcased a number of impossibly fast playthroughs for both classic games and modern indie hits.

Check out this year's live speedrun (starting at 11:43:00) of Frictional Games' Amnesia: The Dark Descent, for instance, which saw the whole game cleared in just over an hour. More recently, a run of the doujin bullet hell platformer MegaMari clocked in at around 38 minutes.

One of the marathon's highlights is the super-lengthy, super-impressive 106% run of Super Meat Boy starting at 8:09:20 in this archived video. During the run, creators Tommy Refenes and Edmund McMillen joined the session via Skype, and offered up some interesting tidbits regarding the game's development, along with the occasional outburst of disbelief at the speedrun itself.

If you're interested in seeing more indie games dismantled by expert players, a speedrun of Braid is scheduled to begin at around 1 PM Central Standard Time on January 10th, followed by a 100% run of Terry Cavanagh's VVVVV later that evening. Speed Demos Archive is soliciting donations for the Prevent Cancer Foundation for the duration of the event, and many donation incentive prizes are up for grabs during specific runs. Stay away from that set of VVVVVV perlers, though -- they're mine.