[Guest columnist Rekcahdam/Roger Hicks begins a weekly look at the latest music for indie games.]

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of rockin' out with extremely talented pianist Aivi Tran at Magfest XI. Not only is she a beast at piano improvisation, she also composes music for indie games. Her recently released track "Climb, Lest I Fall" (above) was written for the upcoming RPG Cryamore, which looks to be reminiscent of Legend of Mana style gameplay. If my analysis of the gameplay is anywhere near the mark, Aivi's music will do an excellent job at complementing Cryamore.

This piece in particular feels very epic, as most RPG music should! Aivi doesn't shy away from using horns and strings backed by a military-esque percussion pattern to give it that traditional RPG battle feel, all the while using a saw-wave like synth for bass and other chiptune synths for leads later in the song. My favorite part about the track, although miniscule, is the speedy chiptune staccato arpeggio that is peppered through out.

The developers, Robert Porter (UDON artist by day) and Alan Wansom, stated recently on Cryamore's tumblr that on January 25 they will launch a Kickstarter campaign with the soundtrack to the game included as an incentive. I encourage everyone to definitely keep a close eye on this one. From what I've seen and heard, this is shaping up to be a beautiful game.

Cryamore 1.png
Cryamore 2.png[Roger Hicks (Rekcahdam) is a musician, hacker, and game developer and has performed live with the likes of Akira Yamaoka and Disasterpeace. He can be reached via Twitter: @rekcahdam]