super puzzle platformer plus.jpgSuper Puzzle Platformer Deluxe is not quite here yet, but its predecessor Super Puzzle Platformer Plus is! The goal is still to survive while getting points from destroying combos of same-colored bricks while picking up coins to level up. I can't survive too long in here, but Andrew Morrish told me this version has three characters, three obstacles, new pickups and powerups, more ways to die, and also awesome new music. I noticed I could also hold the jump button to float down more slowly, great for planning my descent.

Speaking of descents, SPP Deluxe isn't the only game Morrish is working on. He's also created some sprites for a hellish MSFKSWG (multiplayer-sci-fi-kinky-satan-worshiping-game). I'm down for it.

[Adult Swim Games]