the brink.pngLudum Dare villain-themed entry The Brink is a fast-paced, arcade-action game where players assume the role of a cute grim reaper. Across three stages, players must dash and destroy various orbs (sometimes in a special order) to progress while nullifying flying hearts and spewing heads.

As is often the case, the grim reaper here can't die. Instead, time is the true enemy, and the opposition merely exists to freeze the reaper in its tracks. When the timer hits zero, players must watch out for that damn doctor, or else it's game over.

Any game that encourages a lot of frantic dashing and controls well is okay in my book. The Brink was a late find for Ludum Dare 25, but it might just show up again when the results are announced soon.

[source: @Azurenimbus]