Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! developer Mousechief sent via press release news of Mac and Windows free demos for its "part board game, part interactive narrative, part historical simulation" title 7 Grand Steps.

Roughly speaking, players get a certain amount of coins that allow their pawns to advance around fancy wheels (which represent social classes) picking up beads to eventually earn legends. When parents "work together" with a special token, they typically produce more coins to make moves along the wheel. They also make sexy babies.

While using the engraved coins strategically to land on spots with beads, players make choices that affect how the characters and story mature. Players also teach their child skills with different coins until the child comes of age. Be warned, though, as you can easily have all that character building go to waste by letting them slip into the hungry crocodile's mouths at the bottom of the wheels. That's life for you!

The curiosity that is Mousechief's 7 Grand Steps is slated for a full release this spring. The game is a finalist for this year's IGF Nuovo Award and received an honorable mention for its narrative. Head mouse chief Keith Nemitz is no stranger to the event, having been a finalist with The Witch's Yarn in 2006 and with Flagship Champion in the very first IGF in 1999.