India's population is over 1 billion. I feel almost robbed that rhythm platformer Bollywood Wannabe is one of the first Bollywood-infused (or more generally, Indian cultured) indie games I've played. Thankfully, Canadian developer Chrysaor Studio has just released a free demo along with the full Windows version of her Bollywood-styled game for $14.95.

Players handle basic platforming with WASD, walking forward and jumping, while tapping or holding the directional arrows to the notes on the bottom of the screen. Players must make it to the end of the stage before the music runs out, but they can't move when tapping singular beats. Fortunately, they can move and even jump during longer hold notes.

The music from the demo is infectious and carries a strong bass beat to tap to. I appreciate Bollywood Wannabe's core gameplay idea and use of culture seldom seen in Western AAA or indie games, even if it doesn't play as smoothly as Guitaroo Man or Space Channel 5.