Town.pngEden Industries has announced that its wave of light bending game Waveform is coming to Android and iOS devices later this year. The big news, though, is that they revealed to PC Gamer its new RPG (pictured above), Citizens of Earth. Players assume the role of Vice President of the world and must investigate strange things happening, while recruiting normal citizens to do your battles along the way.

For comparisons, developer Ryan Vandendyck told me the wide-open gameplay of recruiting anyone in the world gives the game a Pokemon-like feel of bringing everyone onto your team to use them in and out of battle. The game also draws upon the modern theme and humorous style of Earthbound. Finally, the combat draws inspiration from JRPG designs like Dragon Quest, but it is unique and focuses around the interesting and bizarre combat potential of the seemingly run-of-the-mill townsfolk.

Bakery.pngVandendyck says his team aims to solve at least two problems with Citizens of Earth: giving players reasons to experiment and saving players time when they switch characters.

For the former, Vandendyck says that each character will have "a unique day job that will improve as you use them. Thus there is a strong and beneficial reason to try all characters, since each one will provide fun and helpful out-of-battle benefits for you. Even when you stop using a character in combat, their contribution will continue to be felt."

For the second, he says, "As soon as you switch to a character, they are absolutely ready to use right out of the box. While they do acquire new equipment and skills down the road, these do not represent incrementally better options (like in most RPGs, thus forcing you to constantly upgrade) but rather new choices and strategic options. Therefore a casual player can just switch to whomever they want at anytime and not worry about the details. An experienced player, however, is still free to customize their characters to fit their specific strategies and goals."

Finally, he adds that Citizens of Earth will contain no random encounters, have controllable vehicles, and have an online arena for battling other mobs of townsfolk.

MountPomPom.pngEden Industries aims to release Citizens of Earth in 2014.