Supernaturally gifted FBI agent Erica Reed, having already dealt with the Hangman in a point-and-click thriller we loved, is now facing a new adversary and, should things go wrong, another major personal tragedy. The second (of four) episode of Cognition, you see, has just been released for both Mac and PC and is pitting Erica and her stretched resources against The Wise Monkey; a serial killer who enjoys mutilating his victims.

Interestingly, and despite keeping to a tight schedule, the developers have managed to not only live up to the first installment's many promises, but have actually improved on the game's design and have trimmed away almost all the padding and the kind of puzzles that feel both tedious and unnecessary.

You can grab Cognition, episode 2: The Wise Monkey for $9.99, the complete series for $29.99 or upgrade your episode 1 purchase to a season pass for $19.99.