MagicalTimeBean's inventive puzzle-platformer and Xbox Live Indie Games standout Escape Goat will get a PC-exclusive sequel this year, series creator Ian Stocker revealed in this eye-opening interview at IndieStatik.

While plot details are undecided at the moment, Escape Goat 2 will feature the same sort of single-screen challenges as its predecessor, and levels will once again be accessed via an interconnected hub. Stocker explains that the sequel will feature "new gadgets and perhaps new creatures," and the ever-helpful mouse character may wear different hats that grant new magical powers.

Stocker also notes that Escape Goat 2 will be ported to other platforms after its Windows debut, though an Xbox Live Indie Games version may or may not be in the cards. Escape Goat is a personal favorite of mine -- I can't wait to see how the sequel turns out!