Following up on a European release in December, Nnooo announced that its stylish action-puzzler escapeVektor will launch as a downloadable title for the PlayStation Vita in North America next Tuesday, January 22nd.

Featuring mechanics similar to Konami's arcade obscurity Amidar, escapeVektor challenges players to travel along narrow passageways and trace square outlines in order to outwit enemies, collect power-ups, and travel to new nodes.

escapeVektor was initially envisioned as an episodic series for WiiWare (with escapeVektor: Chapter 1 making its Wii debut in 2011), but Nnooo has since decided to release the entire series as a downloadable compilation for handheld consoles. The 3DSWare version of escapeVektor previously launched on December 20th.

"Initially planned as a 4-chapter series, Nnooo decided to roll all the chapters into one game and release it on portable games platforms such as the PS Vita," Nnooo explains. "This 'complete edition' of the game comes with 150 levels spread across 27 different worlds with additional enemies and obstacles, 3 types of online leaderboard and a new Wildcard system."

The PS Vita edition of escapeVektor will be priced at $9.99.