ur not a hero.jpg

Mixing Elevator Action and Gears of War to create a hard 2D cover-based shoot out, peanutbutterfinger's free alpha build of Ur Not a Hero for Windows makes you quickly live up to your non-potential. Bullets fly everywhere, and one hit kills you. Fortunately, you can retry as much as you want, although your stage grade suffers for it, and you'll need a high rank to unlock the later levels.

If a stage seems too hard, just hire another of the "heroes" pictured above. Each has his own way of getting the job done, whether it's with fists or firearms.

Pre-alpha footage of the pixelated carnage is after the jump.

There's a lot of adorable detail found in these pixels, even for an alpha build. For instance, the Good in the Hood level has gold-wearing thugs that hold their pieces sideways to fire. But that's later on... start from the beginning for free at The Daily Click.