Sifteo has partnered with the Experimental Gameplay Project to offer a two-month design competition for the new Sifteo Cubes interactive game system. Entry is free as is the Sifteo SDK.

Competition organizers estimate 10% of entrants will move onto the second round of judging, and all of those developers will receive a free three-cube set to finish development. One student or designer can optionally choose an internship with Sifteo as a prize, while the overall winner will get a publishing deal on the system.

Developers have until the end of January to complete the first round. This requires a small prototype built with the Sifteo SDK, along with any other images, or videos that help give "a sense of your design without having to install the SDK."

Indies behind Bit.Trip and Johann Sebestian Joust discussed Sifteo Cubes with IndieGames last month, sharing the unique opportunities and obstacles of the system. Given the novel, experimental nature of the cubes, the pairing for this competition seems apt.

[Sifteo Cubes competition]