Contralogic's Chompston for Windows is a free, infectious combination of music, Pac-Man, and Bomberman. Players must collect dots and drop bombs to defeat monsters. However, players create the toe-tapping music as they collect the dots and plant bombs that explode to the rhythm.

The destroyed enemies drop extra bombs and hearts to replenish lives. The maximum dot combo is added to your score at the end of each level. I am not good enough to tell you how many levels there are total, but there are also three differently skilled enemies to make things tough and cause the classical Bomberman-style suicide.

I can say this upbeat, musical Pac-Man is now one of my favorite ways of playing Pac-Man. It doesn't dethrone Ms. Pac-Man, but what can? Friday nights at the arcade with her are long gone, but the free Chompston has at least saved this weekend.

[source: TIGSource]