doomed dungeon.pngIndie developer Daniel Moreno (Daz) has released an English version of his colorful and randomly generating first-person RPG Doomed Dungeon for Windows. The goal is to defeat 3/4 of the monsters in each level to descend deeper into the dungeon and ultimately fight the evil Vavaimm.

Players start by creating their character out of 6 classes and 4 races, leading to 24 different stat-altering combinations. As players level up from slaying enemies, they can assign points to 1 of 6 skills, too. The game boasts 11 different enemies and 2 bosses (one is hidden some where unknown to me), 4 different magic types, and 10 different items.

Doomed Dungeon won the Comunidad Game Maker 2012 contest and was rapidly translated to English for a wider audience.

[Thanks, Daniel R.]