techno king.pngThere's no time to celebrate! Neo Tokyo is under attack this new year in Vlambeer's small arena shooter for Windows and Mac called Techno King. Those looking for a bit of destruction are in luck, and those who love Earth Defense Force (EDF) should find Techno King's design especially clever.

Players must avoid taking any hits while destroying invading mechs with WASD and mouse controls. The clear condition seemed a bit odd, in that the game ends and rejoices with you (and not the invaders) destroying the whole city. However, developer Rami Ismail explained the idea behind the madness to IndieGames. "If you destroy everything, they can't destroy it."

He said the game was a nod to EDF but with the twist of destroying the city to win, the very thing in EDF you are meant to protect yet ultimately destroy in the process. Techno King makes this destruction deliberate and part of the challenge. "The more you're winning, the less cover you have."