1minlife.pngGlobal Game Jam 2013 is wrapping up, with around 2,960 games to play (at last count) built around the theme of "sound of a heartbeat." Not even scratching the surface reveals a healthy collection of free ideas to play from around the world.

On the first continental stop, the Asian entry 1MinLife asks players to click their mouse button to get the heartbeat moving while collecting money and surviving until old age. The game, often like life, gets doubly tricky when there's someone else to consider. Thanks, Ryo Shuto, Takahiro Sudoh, Yasumichi Onishi, and Takehiko Ishiguro.

The European turn-based strategic puzzle platformer You Only Have One Minute also focuses on the same increment of time but fills it with alien ships, missiles and jetpacks. Creators Stefan Leijnen, Casper van Est, Koen Bollen, Hendrik Visser, and Joris Dormans ask if you can draw the right path and make it to your target in time.

From Africa comes Amidos' Simple Love, a top-down exploratory platformer that asks "you" to gain enough abilities to follow the lover's heartbeats.

In this HTML tag-breaking North American game, players must discover common traits and complete several mini-games while attempting to save a failing marriage. Thanks for the misery, Doug Macdonald, Jim Crawford, Kumar Daryanani, Letisha Kelsey, and Nathan Grayson.

South American game Sigurdr's Havoc tasks the strong hero to brave a seemingly endless descent into a super serpent's insides, presumably to reach its heart. This retro creation comes from Thommaz Pedro Kauffmann, Marco Galvão, Danilo Dias, and Thais Weiller.

Finally, in the spookiest of highlighted entries, Australian game 180 Beats involves a note that says you only have 180 heart beats left before the posion takes your life. The goal is to find the antidote in time, if the traps or enemies don't get you first. Nice one, David Summerville, Ryan Alcock, and Adam Taubert.

Unfortunately, according to the GGJ live status map, no one was jamming in Antarctica.