Indie Gala's latest pay-what-you-want bundle offers up a collection of eight Steam-redeemable games, including standouts like Paradox's Magicka and Frozenbyte's Trine.

Pay any amount for the Magicka Bundle ($1 minimum) and you'll receive a Steam copy of Trine, along with a DRM-free download for Digital Spray Studios' first-person shooter You Are Empty. Buyers who pay more than the average purchase price (currently $5.89) will also receive Magicka, Magicka: Vietnam, Deponia, Painkiller: Black Edition, and Cities in Motion.

Beat the average and you'll also receive two additional Steam-redeemable titles, to be unlocked in the bundle's second week. Buyers may optionally divide the purchase price among the bundle's featured developers, the AbleGamers charity, and Gala Project X, a "new exciting videogame project" from Indie Gala organizers that will be unveiled in the coming weeks.