Think of puzzle/strategy game ShellBlast Forever for iOS as a mix of Minesweeper and Picross. You know how many bombs are in a certain cross section and how many bombs there are total, and you must deduce their locations before time runs out. If you're stuck, you can use a limited amount of chaffs to tell whether an area should be marked safe, too.

Veterans may know this puzzle game's lineage: it is the mobile follow-up to the commercial sequel of freeware game Acidbomb. Thanks to procedurally generated levels, puzzle fans can enjoy ShellBlast Forever practically forever.

Vertigo's David Galindo explained to me that there are two new modes not available in the PC version that are coming in February or March. "One of which is called Heat Mode, where you must be wary of the temperature of the bomb and defuse one trigger at a time without chaffs."

He says that a lot of the PC modes were mostly "fluff," so he ditched all of them except puzzle mode. "I really want the modes to stand out from each other and create new gameplay experiences. I don't think I really achieved that in the PC version."

The latest update will include a few fan requests: "you'll be able to view the solution to a bomb you failed. I added a 'battery save' mode that drops the framerate to 30fps to preserve battery life, among other things."

I've been a slave to its clever, deductive reasoning puzzles for days. Unfortunately, a few of the random puzzles seem to require chaffs (which you win back along the way), but those happen much less often than the standard Minesweeper sets. I think ShellBlast Forever is great for quick sessions or marathon logic exercises. Grab it now for $1.99 on iTunes.