Having already secured its place in the hallowed halls of Steam, horror adventure Asylum by Agustin Cordes and Senscape is trying to move on to even bigger and better things. Apparently it's not content with being the most ambitious horror point-and-click adventure ever attempted; oh no, it really wants to make sure it will be as good and expansive as humanly possible and that's why Senscape have launched the pretty impressive Asylum Kickstarter in order to fully and properly fund the game.

The team, mind you, have been working on this for years. They have already released an interactive Asylum teaser (well, a short demo actually), have finished the Dagon engine that will be open and free for all game devs, and, from what I've seen, are doing an absolutely stellar work in creating one of the biggest, spookiest and most detailed buildings to ever appear in a game.

Asylum will be available both on Steam and as a DRM-free download and will run happily on your Windows, Mac or Linux machine. You can support its creation by pledging your hard earned virtual cash and reserving all sorts of goodies; $15 will get you the complete digital version of the game, whereas $75 a deluxe edition boxed copy.