ludum dare 24.gifThe top overall games from Ludum Dare's 25th competition have been decided, after judges played through 1,327 entries. deepnight's Atomic Creep Spawner!! takes home the gold for the 48-hour compo and Black Ships Fill the Sky's Ore Chasm (I see what you did there) wins gold for the 72-hour jam.

The silver medalists are Benjamin's 48-hour game Extinct : Humankind fade in the mist and GreenPixelDev's 72-hour game Dr. Vile in The Greater Good.

Finally, two developers tied for bronze in the 48-hour event: Ditto's End Boss and farmergnome's Happy Little Murder Friends. For the 72-hour marathon, StoneMonkeyStudios' The Fall of Mr. Wily takes bronze.

Everyone is a winner, really, what with 1,327 new games to sift through or 4,651 for those who missed Ludum Dare all last year. For those interested in these 48- and 72-hour wonders, let us know in the comments below if you'd like us to spend the next week or two looking at the top categorical winners in greater detail.