State of Play Games has unfolded a few teases of the sequel to its paper and cardboard adventure, Lume. Entitled Lumino City, this puzzle adventure will be many times the size of the original and be the first time they use motors to bring the handmade game to life.

The motors were essential to get elements of the scene moving as they wanted, developer Luke Whittaker shared with me. "For example, there's a windmill in the city, which we could have filmed with stop motion but we wanted a very natural, realistic and smooth rotation. Using a motor and then filming it, with the associated slight blur and perfect rotation creates that subtlety we were after."

lumino city 3.jpegThis new technology for the team brought more wiring difficulties, as well as working out how to build the motors in, but Luke says it was worth it.

Motors aren't the only first in Lumino City, Luke explained. "We also used laser cutting for the first time, pioneered by our architect Catrina Stewart who used it a lot in her architectural models before coming to this project. It's allowed for a much greater level of detail - much more than we could have achieved with a scalpel - and yet once in the scene it retains the handmade appeal."

lumino city 2.jpegAll of the scenes will have "a massive leap in fidelity, image quality wise and also in the quality of the models, where we've been working with some fantastic model makers [including Sarah Bridgland]."

Luke said he's also learned a lot about pacing and puzzle design refinement from Lume. "We've tried to give ourselves the space to be far more ambitious in almost every way here."

lumino city 1.jpegLuke addressed how Lume's lessons will impact Lumino City's gameplay. "We've looked at making the puzzles a more integrated part of the scenes around you, inseparable to where they are, so that helps everything makes intuitive sense. They're also very varied. Sometimes the puzzles are actually physically part of the buildings themselves, and for exactly what that means you'll have to wait and see."

Luke tells us that Lumino City should initially release on Mac, PC and Linux sometime late Spring 2013, with iOS versions to follow.