CREATE OUYA.jpgFEZ creator Phil Fish and Canabalt creator Adam Saltsman will join Xbox co-creator and OUYA advisor Ed Fries, actress Felicia Day and other indies and members of the press in judging a "game jam" with OUYA developer kits and cash as prizes. The 10-day, online competition is called CREATE and is the product of publication Kill Screen and OUYA.

To participate, developers have to show that they pre-ordered an OUYA or backed OUYA's Kickstarter. KillScreen states that "this is to prevent spam entries, without us having to charge an entry fee."

35 finalists across six categories will receive OUYA dev consoles along with over $45,000 in cash prizes. Winners can earn an additional bonus if they complete and launch their game on OUYA.

Along with submitting a fun and playable prototype, developers must foster social media support for their game, which will be one of the criteria used to select finalists.

Developers theoretically have between now and January 23 to work on their game, but submissions aren't open until January 14.

Recently, OUYA awarded 10 consoles to developers through a Twitter campaign, including Chucklefish's Starbound and Robot LovesKitty's Legend of Dungeon.