way of yiji.jpgPhotos of The Way of Yiji, an upcoming exploratory and contemplative platformer from Andre Teruya Eichemberg, show an intriguing influence of Japanese ukiyo-e paintings on pixels. According to the game's Facebook page, this work of art will release on PC and iPad.

The story goes that Yiji must find his lover, Alaïs. The dark matter (which strikes me to be a bit like FEZ's black holes) has separated the two and is consuming the universe. Hinting at what will probably be puzzle and action mechanics, Yiji can use light for protection.

The game is early in development, so I am hopeful the videos after the jump will only improve in animation and effects with time and will capture the magic in the still shots.


To see some of the Ukiyo-e influences, check out this TIGS post.