indiespeedrungames.jpgIndie Speed Run's 48-hour jam games are now available to play for free. While they await judgment from the star-studded cast including Minecraft's Notch, Passage's Jason Rohrer, Journey's Kellee Santiago, and Limbo's Dino Patti, here are just a few highlights of the hundreds of games available (with more being added throughout the day).

Those who enjoy typing games can try out Abby - Jurassic Dark, a dark and gorgeous game that is murderous for those who can't type the right word quickly enough. Another game that uses the keyboard in a different way is Alphanauts, requiring players to horde different key-coded characters away from black holes to survive.

A tower-defense survival game called The Basement plays on childhood fears of the dark. Players must lay out traps before nightfall and nightmarish creatures come inside.

Less moody and more mind-bending is OCORAS, an enjoyable puzzle game that requires players to connect circles tangentially to define a curve that connects the green point to the red point.

Combining puzzle with platformer is Snow Breaker, where players control a snowman that can split in half to navigate through maze-like and dangerous stages. Once split, the controls for half of the snowman invert and their jump is half the height of when they are whole.

Finally, for some top-down action, check out Idiosaurus, an "absurd disco adventure of a baby dinosaur guided by his dead parents." However, the guidance they provide isn't always helpful. They are dead, after all.

Which Indie Speed Run games have you enjoyed so far?