Alexander Bruce (Demruth) has released today the mind-melting masterpiece, Antichamber, for Windows. As of this writing, it's already the top seller on Steam, marked down 25% to $14.99 for the first week.

The game's received a lot of love from the press, and I thought it would be interesting to share some of the indie love floating around Twitter. "Antichamber is a fantastic mind-bender," says Spelunky creator Derek Yu. "[P]repare to have your minds destroyed ha ha ha," Steve Swink cackles madly. "I think Antichamber goes in places FEZ couldn't dream of going," says FEZ programmer Renaud Bedard.

I didn't find anything negative in my search, aside some performance issues and Mac release wishes. While Bruce hammers away at the former in the short term, he says "one thing at a time" for the latter. It remains to be seen how many players will ask for their sanity back. For now, Windows owners can go play.