The developers behind Canabalt, Gasketball, Wurdle, and Sloipskier have combined indie super powers to create and release Hundreds, a universal iOS puzzle game on sale for $2.99 (40% off).

Hundreds involves touching on numbered bubbles long enough until they collectively reach a total of 100. As seen in the video, the bubbles seldom stay in place. Others gradually or instantly lose their numerical charge, get frozen, and all other kinds of chaos. It's game over if the active bubble (when red) touches anything else, so players have to tap or hold carefully.

Hundreds is based off Greg Wohlwend's 2010 browser-based version. Being able to use fingers to start and stop the bubbles growing makes the iOS version much more intuitive, hands down. If you have any interest in Hundreds, grab it now, before the price increases after January 10.

Also, whoever deciphers the game's gibberish/language, email me the spoilers!