Prolific indie-focused production house Green Hill (Knytt Underground, Big Sky Infinity) has partnered with developer Abstraction Games and Ripstone Publishing to release Gun Commando for the PlayStation Mobile platform.

Gun Commando is a retro-styled first-person shooter in the vein of genre classics like Wolfenstein 3D and Duke Nukem 3D. Players have access to a variety of weaponry throughout the campaign, and additional weapon upgrades are awarded for accuracy and high-scoring kills.

Green Hill also notes that the game takes an inventive approach to touch-based FPS controls, and believes that the result rivals a mouse-and-keyboard setup.

"The secret of our controls is the additional momentum we apply when aiming, allowing you to turn and respond blazingly fast, but at the same time allow you to be very precise," Green Hill explains. "We're not fans of on-screen buttons, as we feel you need the tactile feedback from the buttons in order to be in full control, so we allow you to use your thumbs anywhere on the screen."

Gun Commando is available for the PlayStation Vita and PSM-compatible Android devices.